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  • Alternating currents - Manufacturer and Inventor, London, Middlesex, UK, page 20 - December 18, 1889











































  • Tuned Lightning - by Nikola Tesla - English Mechanic and World of Science - March 8, 1907










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  • Electro-Motors - The Electrical Review - by Nikola Tesla - April 3rd, 1891





























































































































  • Tesla Coal Mine - Journal of Electricity, Power & Gas - December 15, 1918






















List of missing (lost) articles:




  • 1891

"Tesla's Alternating Current Generators for High Frequency" (3/18)


  • 1892

"Electric Light and Electric Force" (2/6)

"Tesla's Wonderful Experiments" (2/7)

"Tesla at the Royal Institution" (3/11)

"Review of Tesla at the Royal Institution" (3/26)

"Mr. Tesla's Experiments on Alternating Currents of Great Frequency" (3/26)

"Nikola Tesla and His Business" (5/21)


  • 1893

The Action Of The Eye - by Nikola Tesla - Scientific American - October 14, 1893


  • 1895

"Tesla's Laboratory Burned," Electrical Review, (3/20)

"In Tesla's Laboratory"

"Tesla's Magic Motor" (7/8)


  • 1896

From Nikola Tesla-He Writes About His Experiments in Electrical Healing (2/16)

"Earth Electricity to Kill Monopoly" (3/8)

"On Roentgen Rays," Part 1, Electrical Review (3/11)

"On Roentgen Rays," Part 2, Electrical Review, Latest Results ((3/18)

"Turned On" (11/16)


  • 1897

"His Wireless Telegraph Perfected at Last" (6/7)

"Messages But No Wires"

"Tesla's New Discovery


  • 1898

"Mr. Tesla's New Circuit Controller" (10/19)

"Tesla's System of Electric Power Transmission Through Natural Media" (10/26)

"A New Marvel" (11/9)

"Tesla's Latest Invention" (11/16)

"Tesla's Wireless Boat"-Scientific American (11/1), p. 326

A Letter from Mr. Tesla [to Editor of the Electrical Engineer] (11/23)

"An Analysis of Tesla's Work" (11/30)

"Tesla and His Quest" (11/30)


  • 1899

"The New Wizard of the West"


  • 1900

"Tesla's Electrical Patents Upheld" (9/1)


  • 1903

"The Triscuit Makes Its Bow" (5/22)

"Windmills Must Be the Future Source of Power"

"Tesla Thinks Wind Power Should Be Used More Now"

"Sun's Rays will Be Harnessed, Suggests Professor Langley"


  • 1904

"Cloudborn Electric Wavelets To Encircle the Globe"

Letter From Tesla (Refers to subway system)


  • 1906

"Wardenclyffe Wizard Nikola Tesla Sued" (11/26)


  • 1907

"Tesla's Big Tower to be Sold for Debt" (6/12)


  • 1909

"His Wireless Light a Fact, Says Tesla"


  • 1910

"What Science May Achieve This Year"


  • 1911

"New Inventions by Tesla" (5/20)

"Tesla and His Wireless Age" (June)

"Nikola Tesla . . . Describes His New System" (9/3)

"Fluid Propulsion" (9/9)

"Tesla's New Method of and Apparatus for Fluid Propulsion" (9/9)

"Possibilities of the Gas Turbine" (9/9)

"Tesla Points Way to Turbine" (9/11)

"From the Complex to the Simple" (9/11)

"The Tesla Steam Turbine" (9/11)

"Tesla's New Engine" (9/13)

"The Tesla Turbine" (9/30)

"The Tesla Steam Turbine" (10/12)

"Tesla's New Mechanical Principle" (10/30)

"The Tesla Turbine" (11/1)

"The Tesla Turbine" (Dec.)


  • 1916

"The Tesla High Frequency Oscillator" (March)


  • 1917

"U. S. Blows UP Tesla Radio Tower" (September)

"Destruction of Tesla's Tower . . . Hints of Spies" (5/17)


  • 1919

"The Effects of Statics on Wireless Transmission"-Electrical Experimenter, (Jan.)

A letter to the New York Tribune

"Can Radio Ignite Balloons?" (Oct.)


  • 1920

"The Tesla Turbine" (Mar.)


  • 1924

"Inventor Claims Wireless Power..."-New York Herald, (3/9)

Tesla Sends Power in Air (3/9)

Radioed Light, Heat and Power Perfected by Tesla (3/22)

Light and Power by Wireless (May)

"Tesla on Rays"-New York Herald, (7/24)

"Nikola Tesla's Theory of Power Transmission" (11/15)


  • 1925

"The Development of the Modern Vario-Coupler from 1890 to 1925. Nikola Tesla Electric Resonator or Tesla Coil

is Grandfather of Radio Transformers" (3/1)

"Experiments with Tesla Resonator" (July)

Swezey, K. M. "A Logical Discussion on the Transmission of Power by Radio" (9/6)

  • 1926

"Facts About Tesla's Experiments" (2/27)


  • 1927

"Envisions Planes Run by Wireless-Tesla Tells of Genuine Death Rays in Future" (7/12)

"Tesla Predicts Fuelless Plane Without Engine" (7/12)

Swezey, K. M. "Power by Radio Predicted for Near Future" (7/24)


  • 1928

"Test Transmission of Power by Radio" (8/4)


  • 1929

Tesla Too Busy to Be honoured At Radio Show (9/25)


  • 1930

"Tesla Maps Out Our Electrical Future" (Apr.)

  • 1932

"Stimulus and Response" (Okt.)


  • 1933

"Tesla Certain of His New Power" (7/10)

"Dr. Tesla, At 77, Seldom Sleeps" (7/11)

"Breaking up Tornadoes" (Dec.)


  • 1934

"Tesla's Wireless Power Dream Nears Reality"-New York Daily News (4/2)

"Tesla's Ray" (7/23)


  • 1935

"New Apparatus Transmits Energy - Tesla Announces Method of Remote Control," (7/10)


  • 1936

"Tesla Invents Wireless Electricity-Scientist, Unfinanced Here, To Build Plant In Europe" (7/10)

"Tesla Prepares to Send Power Without Wires" (7/27)



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    saucersource (Tuesday, 01 July 2014 23:37)

    From Tesla Flying Machine Yahoo Group found these items:
    Nikola Tesla, at 79, Expects to Have $100,000,000 Within Two Years
    resulting from Lyne, Han and Warp messages this is big flying machine
    contract 1935 start delayed one year as Willy Ley left the Rocket Society with Van Dresser. And try and not this research:
    Nikola Tesla has "vast sums of money" and will not tell new the location
    of his laboratories so he has secret labs and contracts.
    Thanks for 1911 documents they are hard to find as they talk about
    his flying machine.