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Electrical experiments

Tesla Coils & wireless transmission of energy

-Bipolar DRSSTC

-Wireless Power Transmission experiments (by TheOldScientist)


Wireless power transfer was thought of to be done via a Tesla Coil or magnifying transmitter. It has advantages over standard pulsed power supplies. The downside is you are not very flexible with tuning. The next video in the making will test the higher harmonics of the Schumann frequency and the energy propagation via ground.

-Wardenclyffe Tower small scale replication, power propagation via ground (by TheOldScientist)


A logical step to move from one wire power to wireless power transmission. Tesla technology is capable to close the gap. Power transmission via ground to that scale and higher is important for future applications. Ground conditions are challenging but that is the same for any radio broadcast station. The best place need to be chosen for optimum ground propagation.

-Investigating properties and condition of Tesla Wireless Power Transfer (by TheOldScientist).


I have started to investigate rather then just replicate. Using a closed system as reference ground is misleading. So far I have not seen anybody to transfer energy via ground and a radio broadcast does not count either in case of Eric Dollard. That is proven fact since Marconi. The real prove is still outstanding. I continue my hunt. Music is used with permission from, All Rights Reserved. Song: Chamber 5 and 21.

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