Experiments with vacuum tubes



Tesla Light Bulb Experiment Replication


Tesla worked many hours with various sorts of light bulbs with and without gasses, etc.

He discovered what evolved into florescent lighting.

But he also "observed" how electricity behaves using bulb devices. This work lead to the development of more sophisticated vacuum tubes.

Bulbs provide a very nice way to see how AC currents behave.

Are the two colors I'm seeing (yellow brushes and purple plasma) due to EMR and PMR?




-Homemade Lenard Tube (Ion / Electron Gun)




Essentially, a Lenard Tube is an Electron Gun (or Ion Gun) which allows the particle beam to exit the vacuum tube and enter into open atmosphere.



-Homebuilt Cathode Ray Tube




Made from a 250 ml Vacuum Filtration Flask, test tube, two steel washers, an o-ring, and some phosphor from an old fluorescent tube. Credit must be given to Nyle Steiner for the inspiration that led to this weekend project. **Focus and Horizontal deflection will be present in the forthcomming video.**


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