Documents & correspondance related with Tesla's death ray



Hotel New Yorker
New York, N. Y.
April 7, 1934

S. W. Kintner, Esq.
Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
Pittsburgh, Pa.

My dear Mr. Kintner;

I was glad that you did not put the matter before Mr. Merrick for I found after careful thought and figuring that it would take much more money to carry out my proposal which I made to you on the spur of the moment stimulated by the pleasure of our meeting and your warm response.  The Westinghouse people made a friendly gesture and I wanted to meet them in the same spirit by giving them the first opportunity on discoveries which I honestly believe to be more important than any of recorded in the history of invention

I have groped for years trying to find some solution of felt most pressing problem of humanity — that of insuring peace and, little by little, I have been led to the ideal means to this end, for they will afford perfect protection to every country without providing a new component for attack.  The International Peace Conference will insist on its immediate and universal adoption, for as long as the countries are imperfectly protected invasions are sure to occur.

I note your suggestion but am at a loss to see how to carry it out.  Rest assured though, that I shall always hold your people in high regard and if I ever find it in my power to advance their interest I shall spare no effort.

The skepticism of your expert was expected.  He is probably under the sway of the modern illusionary ideas and the abler he is the more apt he is to be in error.  But I have demonstrated all the principals involved and am going ahead with perfect confidence which all the experts in the world could not shake.

Yours very truly,
Nikola Tesla



Hotel New Yorker

November 29, 1934

J.P. Morgan Esq.
23 Wall Street
New York

Dear Mr. Morgan:


I have made recent discoveries of inestimable value which are referred in the marked passage of the clipping enclosed.  Their practical application should yield an immense fortune.


The flying machine has completely demoralized the world, so much that in some cities, as London and Paris, people are in moral fear from aerial bombing.  The new means I have perfected afford absolute protection against this and other forms of attack.


You know how your father assisted me in the development of my wireless system.  He did not get any returns but I am convinced that if he were living he would be gratified by the knowledge that my inventions are universally applied.  I still gratefully remember your own support although the war deprived me of the success I had achieved.  I not only lost everything in those two undertakings but was for years compelled to pay off all sorts of unfair claims.  It was only a little while ago that I managed to settle the last one and terminate the tormenting nightmare.


These new discoveries, which I have carried out experimentally on a limited scale, have created a profound impression.  One of the most pressing problems seems to be the protection of London and I am writing to some influential friends in England hoping that my plan will be adopted without delay.  The Russians are very anxious to render their borders safe against Japanese invasion and I have made them a proposal which is being seriously considered.  I have many admirers there especially on account of the introduction of my alternating system to an extent unprecedented.  Some years ago Lenin made me twice in succession very tempting offers to come to Russia but I could not tear myself from my laboratory work.


Words cannot express how much I am aching for the same facilities which I then had at my disposal and for the opportunity of squaring my account with your father's estate and yourself.  I am no longer a dreamer but a practical man of great experience gained in long and bitter trials.  If I had now twenty five thousand dollars to secure my property and make convincing demonstrations I could acquire in a short time colossal wealth.  Would you be willing to advance me this sum if I pledged to you these inventions ?


Mr. Morgan you are still able to help an undying cause but how long will you be in this privileged position?  We are in the clutches of a political party which caters openly and brazenly to the mob and believes that by pouring out billions of public money, still unequalled, it can remain in power indefinitely.  The democratic principles are forsaken and individual liberty and incentives are made a joke.  The "New Deal" is a perpetual motion scheme which can never work but is given a semblance of operativeness by unceasing supply of the peoples capital.  Most of the measures adopted are a bid for votes and some are destructive to established industries and decidedly socialistic.  The next step might be the distribution of wealth by excessive taxing if not conscription.


With best wishes and respectful regards believe me as ever

yours most faithfully

N. Tesla




from Nikola Tesla
to Sava Kosanovic
New York, N.Y.
March 1, 1941


I thank Dr. Macek and you for the happy news.  It is important that you know the following: [In] eight years I developed a new title using 50 of my patents of which one third are not applied.  In the system there are no electrons.  Energy goes into the same direction without any distribution [dissipation] and the same on all sides of distance.  It contains neutrons.  [In] the air [its size] is equal to a diameter of hydrogen.  It can destroy the largest ships afloat.  There is unlimited distance of travel.  The same is for airplanes.


One will need nine stations: for Serbia; three for Croatia and two for Slovenia and everyone needs 200 KW which can defend our dear homeland against any type of attack.


The contents of one bomb can be exploded in the air.  I add that in the station one must have a small generator or battery of 30 volts for activation.


Express my deepest respect to Dr. Macek and accept the warmest greetings and thanks.

Your uncle, Nikola Tesla




from Nikola Tesla
to Sava Kosanovic
New York, N.Y.
March 4, 1941


As though I am poor with words.  I still didn't explain it enough what would be necessary to increase up to twelve stations: eight in Croatia, each of the same construction like at Wardenclyffe and only 20 meters high - a ball five meters in diameter - the station would be using diesel oil for energy with mechanical action - my air turbines, steam powered, electrically or other manners of transforming into alternating electrical current with sixty billion volts pressure without danger.  I am waiting for Governor Subasic to select one station on top of Mt. Lovcen.  There will not be any light, electrical energy will deliver particles through space with the speed of 118,837,370,000 centimeters per second.  This is 394,579 the speed of light.  As I said about airplanes it can be used for tanks, trucks, automobiles and various machines in factories, with hydroelectrical wheels and unlimited other machines.  The particles can be larger than that of the diameter of an Hydrogen atom with metals of all kinds of materials and sent to all distances and good results in war and bring about peace.  Particles are practical with neutrons, because, they are 3,723 times lighter than electricity or electrons that cannot penetrate space for great distances.  In my attempts with an effective 20 million volts, electrons carried 40 times more electricity than normally and penetrated two meters in depth and terrible damage in a moment each.  I have to finish because that I give you a fresh view.


Warm Greetings, I remain your uncle, Nikola





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