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History of Direct Current


The use of transformers and inductors are so important in the electrical designs that no one could imagine the modern world of technology without these devices. The properties of inductance was first discovered in the 1830s by Joseph Henry and Michael Faraday but separately and on different continents and represented a revolution in the technology of that times.


The first to discover Michael Faraday with a simple but peculiar configuration. He wrapped a paper cylinder with wire, attached the ends of the wire to a galvanometer (a device to measure electric current) and moved a magnet in and out of the cylinder producing some results in the galvanometer and it soon reveled the first production of a small current.


The inductor coil was invented shortly after Faraday's discovery by Reverend Nicholas Calland of Ireland. This inventor constructed the earliest version of the inductor which consisted of a coil with the two terminals at the ends and stroring the energy inside a magnetic field if a current was introduced.





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