Lee de Forest (1873-1961)


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In marked contrast, there were contemporary references that John Stone Stone had finally received the recognition he had long deserved for his tuning patent. For example, a tribute by Lee De Forest that appeared shortly after Stone's death included the following (Lee De Forest, Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers, September, 1943, page 522):


"By the irony of fate Stone's death occurred less than one month before the Supreme Court of the United States, in a historic decision handed down June 21, 1943, announced the invalidity of the once famed "four-tuned circuits" patent of Marconi.

In view of the court's sweeping decision, concurred in by all but two Judges, it is indeed to be regretted that John Stone could not have lived to witness this long-belated official recognition of his well-merited claim to have preceded Marconi in this all-important invention, so vital to radio communication".



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    This is one of my distant relatives. So glad I found your site.