High Frequency As A Weapon (German)




ARC Identifier 64890 / Local Identifier 342-USAF-13277. Summary: Coverage of high-frequency radio waves for radar jamming used by German military in WW II to interfere with bombing accuracy and to blind British radar when the cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau escaped from the harbor of Brest and ran the English Channel to the North Sea. Reel 1:


  1. German colonel and junior officer talking in colonel's office.
  2. INT scenes of coastal warning net stations as operators track aircraft and telephone information to Air Plotting Center.
  3. Scenes of Air Plotting Center showing soldiers making notes on board indicating course and strength of attacking aircraft.


710') Total footage in reel. Reel 2:


  1. Scenes in Air Plotting Center of lights flashing on wall map of north eastern Europe.
  2. ALS FV of B-17's in box formation.
  3. AV of six B-17's (footage probably taken from newsreel coverage of US Goodwill flight to South America in 1938).
  4. GSAP footage of B-17E being hit and falling.
  5. MS of burning wreckage on ground.
  6. German officers in staff meeting.


710' Total footage in reel. Reel 3:


  1. Series of artwork maps depicting use of radar in the Mediterranean Sea south of Greece and the coast of Norway.
  2. Instructor talking to class of aircraft observers.
  3. Map of England and north eastern Europe.


397') Total footage in reel. Reel 4:


  1. Artwork map showing escape route for battleships from Breast through the English Channel to the North Sea.
  2. Artwork of Channel area showing range of English radar and areas of radar jamming accomplished by Germans.
  3. Message arriving by teletype at German radar jamming station ordering them to interrupt English radar in Channel.
  4. Scenes of men operating radar jamming equipment.
  5. German soldiers standing on coast watching battleships in Channel.
  6. INT scenes of German soldiers playing cards and listening to radio news of safe escape of battleships. Fair (Basic: Mas pos)



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