Patents on the Wardenclyffe lab. and the World Wireless System



This is a list of the patents on the Wardenclyffe and the World Wireless System.


Patents for transmitters:



Commonly referred to as the radio patent; Related to wireless telegraphy; Wireless transmission of electric power through the natural media; Cites well known radiant energy phenomena and the experiments of William Crooke; Corrects previous errors in theory of behavior when used by the methods and means of Mr. Tesla; Discovery of highly important and useful facts which heretofore have been unknown; Deprive dialectic of air when impressing electromotive forces of a certain character and magnitude unto it; Conductivity of the air increases with the augmentation of the pressure and the rarefaction; Law of conductivity of the air is quite different from heretofore established; Illustrations of the facts.



Related to US645576; New and useful combinations employed; Transmitting coil or conductor arranged and excited to cause currents or oscillation to propagate through conduction through the natural medium from one point to another remote point therefrom and a receiver coil or conductor of the transmitted signals; Production of currents of very high potential; Transmitting station and receiving station.




It is not known why this patent was taken out so long after the Wardenclyffe project itself had been shut down. From 1907 on, equipment “leaked” out of the laboratory on Long Island in various ways, including by a few court orders. We know that in 1911 Tesla spent some time in court defending himself against numerous financial demands, and equipment in that laboratory was considered valuable enough for the heirs of Westinghouse to claim and eventually remove. This patent is evidence that by 1914 Tesla had not yet given up on the dream of free wireless electricity transmission for everyone.


The text is short, and the fact that materials are not specified can be frustrating. This means we need to make many experiments with optimum materials for these purposes. However, this patent is the basic principle behind the whole system, and it will be valid forever.



Patents for recievers:



1899 June 24 - Heinriech Hertz methods cited; Induction method cited; Ground conduction method cited; Previous methods had limitations that result in great disadvantages for utilization; Wireless transmission developed by Mr. Tesla cited; Transmitting station coil arranged and excited to cause arbitrary or intermitted oscillation propagation to another remote point receiver station coil; Air is an excellent insulator; Air strata used for means of conduction for production of generating actions at a distance; Use of metallic conductor; Transmitting apparatus of signals or intelligence should produce effect as strong as possible; Charge a condenser or capacitor to utilize the potential energy.



Utilizing effects or disturbances transmitted through the natural media, which consists on charging a storage device with energy from an independent source, controlling the charging of said device by the actions of the effects or disturbances (during succeeding intervals of time determined by means of such effects and disturbances corresponding in succession and duration of the effects and disturbances), and coincidently using the stored energy for the operating a receiving device; Independent source may be at a distant transmitting electrical energy; Receiving device circuit discharges the accumulated stored energy (which may be potential energy) and causing variations in resistance in a circuit including an independent source of electricity and a storage device; Effecting the storage (such as, in a condenser) during any desired time interval and under control of such effects of disturbances; Accumulated energy may operate a transformer (by discharging through a primary circuit at predetermined times) which, from the secondary currents, operate the receiving device.



An apparatus for transmitting signals or intelligence through the natural media from a sednging station to a distant point the combination of a generator or transmitter adapted to produce arbitrarily varied or intermitted electrical disturbances or effects in the natural media, and for utilizing electrical effects or disturbances tranmitted through the natural media, the combination with a source of such effects of disturbances of a charging-circuit adapted to be energized by the action of such effects or disturbances, between which a difference of poenential is created by such effects or disturbances, a storage device included in the charging-circuit and adapted to be charged thereby, a receiver, a means for commuttating, directing, or selecting the current impulses in the charging circuit so as to render them suitable for charging the storage device, a device for closing the receiving-circuit, means for causing the receiver to be operated by the energy accumulated in the storage device at arbitrary intervals of time when connecting the receiving-circuit with the storage device for periods of time predetermined as to succession and duration, and means for discharging the storage device through the receiving-circuit at arbitrary intervals of time.



Related to his Magnifying Transmitter; Used as part of Tesla's Colorado Spring receivers that possed a distributed high-Q helical resonators, radio frequency feedback, crude heterodyne effects, and regeneration techniques; an apparatus for transmitting signals or intelligence through the natural media from a sednging station to a distant point the combination of a generator or transmitter adapted to produce arbitrarily varied or intermitted electrical disturbances or effects in the natural media; combination of a source of electricity, a transformer, a device normally of high resistance but adapted to have its resistance reduced when acted upon by the effects or distrubances, with a receiving circuit connected with a condenser and a decived adapted to open and close the receiving circuit at predetermined intervals of time.



The AND logic-gate patents:



Elevated transmitter capacitance; Coil; Earth electrode; Signal generator; Partial basis of radio design.



Elevated transmitter capacitance; Coil; Earth electrode; Signal generator; Apparatus of and method for electrical disturbance or impulses; Transmission of intelligent messages; Govern the movement of distant automata; Radio transmissions; Partial basis of radio design.



Elevated transmitter capacitance; Coil; Earth electrode; Signal generator; Apparatus for generating and receiving electrical signals; Tuned resonant circuits; Physics of propagation; Non-Hertzian notes; Globe as conductor; Low frequency oscillations; Basis of radio.



High-voltage, air-core, self-regenerative resonant transformer; Oscillator for wireless transmission of electromagnetic energy



Tesla "Boat" patent; First logic gate; Art of controlling the movements and operation of a vessel or vehicle at a distance; Electromagnetic waves conveyed to vessel by the natural media and rendering by their means the controlling-circuit active or inactive; New and useful improvements in methods of and apparatus for controlling from a distance; Solution for controlling from a given point the operation of mechanisms; No intermediate wires, cables, or other form of electrical or mechanical connection with the object save the natural media in space; explanation of most practical and effectual method and apparatus; Remote control.



Patents related with Wardenclyffe plant's performance:



A method for producing a "great increase in the intensity and duration of the (electrical) oscillations excited in a freely-vibrating or resonating circuit by maintaining the same at a low temperature". Producing increase intensity and duration of electric oscillations; Combination of a circuit to possess freely-vibrating excitations and of means for artificially cooling the circuit to a low temperature; Low temperature resonating circuit; Uses of electrical impulse oscillations; A circuit upon which oscillations are impressed, and which is adapted to vibrate freely, in combination with a receptacle containing an artificial refrigerant in which the circuit is immersed; superconducting oscillators in a series of transmitting and receiving circuits in a system for the transmission of energy.



Method and practical application of insulation by freezing and solidification; Expounding on Faraday's hypothesis of freezing substances make them possess a higher dielectric level to insulate transmission conductors; Improvements in the method set out by Faraday; Method of insulating electrical conductors which consist in surrounding or supporting said conductors by a material which acquires insulating properties when frozen or solidified; Method of maintaining a conductor within a gaseous cooling agent by the continuous application of said agent; Trough or conduit with circulating cooling agents; Reissued as U.S. Patent RE11865



Other patents related with the World Wireless System:








Modern patents related on Tesla's experiments:



  • US3404403 A - Laser beam antenna - by Arnold Shostak and Vallese Lucio M - 1 Oct 1968 (filed 20 Gen 1966)



A method and apparatus altering a region of plasma that lies above the earth's surface at altitudes (e.g. below 50 kilometer) where the collison rate of the electrons in the plasma is originally greater than the cyclotron frequency of the electrons. First, artificial magnetic lines of force are established from the earth's surface by positioning a loop of cable at the earth's surface. An electrical current of sufficient amperage is passed through the cable which inherently generates the artificial magnetic field from the center of the loop. The field strength B on the artificial lines in the region of plasma to be altered is sufficient to increase the cyclotron frequency of the electrons in the plasma so that it will exceed the rate of collosion of the electrons. The plasma is then excited by electron cyclotron resonance heating to thereby further alter the plasma by transmitting circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation upward in a direction substantially parallel to and along the artificial field lines.



A method for forming a cloud of artificial ionization above the earth by initially heating the resident plasma at a desired altitude with electromagnetic radiation having a frequency approximately the same as that of the ambient plasma. As the plasma frequency increases due to heating, the radiation frequency is also increased until the final maintenance frequency is attained.

Nov 26, 1991 (filed Sep 1, 1988)

A system and method for power beaming energy from a source at high frequencies and rectifying such energy to provide a source of DC energy is disclosed. The system operates at a frequency of at least 10 GHz and incorporates a rectenna array having a plurality of rectenna structures that utilize circuit elements formed with microstrip circuit techniques.


This invention relates to generation of a Artificial Ionospheric Mirror (AIM), or a plasma layer in the atmosphere. The AIM is used like the ionosphere to reflect RF energy over great distances. A tiltable AIM is created by a heater antenna controlled in phase and frequency. The heater antenna phase shift scans a beam to paint a plasma layer. Frequency is changed to refocus at continually higher altitudes to tilt the plasma layer.


An apparatus and method for performing geological mapping utilizes an HF transmitter to heat ionospheric electrons to cause the current in an overhead electrojet to be modulated, thereby injected a low frequency EM signal into the Earth-ionosphere waveguide. A sensor measures vector values of electric and magnetic fields in an area to be surveyed. The measured vector values are provided to a processor that creates a conductivity map of the surveyed area based on the measured vector values.



A plasma antenna is provided having an ionizer, which when energized, generates a bounded or unbounded plasma column extending along a vertical axis. When ionization is initiated, the difference in the diffusion characteristics of ions and electrons and the resulting gas plasma produce a current pulse in a first direction. As the plasma extinguishes, the difference in relaxation times for the ions and electrons in the plasma produces a second current pulse of opposite direction. The alternating current pulses generate an electric field that radiates from the plasma column.


  • WO2001059801 A1 - Plasma column - by Albright Larry - 16 Aug 2001 (filed 8 Feb 2000)



This invention is a method and apparatus for creating artificially ionized regions in the atmosphere utilizing ionization trails of cosmic rays and micro-meteors to ignite plasma patterns in electric field patterns formed by ground based electromagnetic wave radiators. The applications are useful for telecommunications, weather control, lightening protection and defense applications. The invention lowers the power requirements for forming artificial ionized regions in the atmosphere by a factor of up to 1600 times lower than those required in existing designs and projections for creation of artificial ionized regions in the atmosphere.





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